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Because a technical solution, as good as it is, will never cover the entire training evaluation scope, Formaeva provides outstanding consulting to help you improve your training and evaluation practices.

Our consultants bring you a training management expertise  through consulting, training and/or conferences. Our consultants will  provide you with a fresh look on your system and best practices gathered as we worked with organizations of all size and domains.



You need help to measure and maximize the impact of your high stakes trainings, to rethink your training evaluation system, to improve your return rates, to promote the managers’ engagement… Whatever the topic, our experts are available to help you.


You wish to become a certified professionnal in training evaluation or grow your skills on a specific topic relating to evaluation or, more globally, on training management: our trainings will fill your needs.

Talks, seminars, workshops

You are organizing an event during which you wish to have an expert speak of training evaluation and management? We can customize our speech to fit your needs and contribute to the success of your event.

Coming up

Kirkpatrick Four Levels® Evaluation Certification Program - Bronze Level
From 23 October 2017 to 24 October 2017 - Bucarest